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Spring & Summer Nails from Elegant Touch

If you know me or have been reading my blog for a while now, you will know how much of an Elegant Touch fan I am! I am obsessed with the brand and when I heard about the revamp, I was so excited! Elegant Touch has had a packaging relaunch and I love the update! To go with the new packaging they also launched so many new nails designs and I adore them all.
Spring & Summer Nails from Elegant Touch
Spring & Summer Nails from Elegant Touch
Spring & Summer Nails from Elegant Touch
During the summer, I love bright, bold nails and the Fiery Fucshia Nails are perfect for summer! These are bold, almost neon, pink nails in a stiletto nail shape. I imagine that these would be extremely flattering on darker skin tones. The Prima Donna Nails are some of the prettiest nails I have ever come across and I have two of the styles available. The first is the Queen of Sass which are oval-shaped nails. These are nude/pale pink with a glossy finish and gold glitter towards the cuticle. The other is the Empress 4 Eva which might be one of my favourite Elegant Touch nails I have ever come across. These are a lilac coffin style with glitter and a glossy finish like the Queen of Sass nails. I can also imagine that like the Fiery Fuschia nails these would look stunning on darker skin tones!

Chrome and Metallic glue on nails are my favourites as you just can't achieve these finish or intensity with nail polishes. The Chrome 2.0 collection has stunning chrome nails and my favourites are the Midnight Minx that are oval shaped with a high shine metallic blue finish. Another reason why I love Elegant Touch for chrome nails especially is due to the fact that they never chip and the shine doesn't dull. The Metallic Pink nails are unique in that they are metallic but have a matte finish making them a little bit different. These are also oval shaped.

The InstaNails are the quickest and easiest nails to apply! These nails are no stress, no mess and no glue. These come pre-glued so you don't have to worry about that - just stick them and go! These take around three minutes to apply so they are perfect for if you are in a hurry but what your nails look fabulous. The Wild Weekend design are glittery, sparkly, stiletto nails without the fuss of glitter! I love sparkly nails but they can be so difficult to remove and these make it so much easier. The Summer Siesta is the boldest style out of the three sets that I have and comes with red stiletto nails with gold glitter and metallic stud accents. The final of the three that I have is the Spring Fling design. These are nude oval nails with stunning gold studs and gem accents. I love that they come with accent nails as you can slightly customise your nails.

All of the Elegant Touch nails are very comfortable to wear and don't make my nails feel heavy like some nails I have tried before have done. They are extremely long-wearing, I can usually get around two weeks of wear from one box and at the very least ten days of wear so they are great value for money! They are very flexible and feel almost like my natural nails while I'm wearing them but they don't ping off easily. You get 10 different size nails in each pack so you can find the best size for your nails, they fit my nails perfectly! The glue included is brilliant too, I'm always raving about it but myself, mum and sister swear by it! 

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