Design.ME Hair Care

I have been in serious need of some new hair care so these couldn't have arrived at a better time! I love trying out new hair care but with many of the products that I have tried recently, they have been a little hit or miss. But these are such great products that I will definitely be needing to pick up some backups soon!
Design.ME Hair Care
Design.ME is a brand new brand that I have been testing out for the last couple of weeks and I have to say, I have been really impressed. All of the Design.ME products are available from Sally Beauty and each is under £10 for the smaller sizes. There are four products available in total as well as a set, I have been testing out three of them and they have quickly become daily essentials. 

The first of the three I have been testing out is the Fab.ME Moisturising Mist (£9.95). This is an all in one hair treatment that will detangle, hydrate, smooth and protect the hair. It's suitable for all hair types and is very lightweight. It's sulfate, salt and paraben free. I have been loving using this after I have washed my hair before brushing it through as it does do a great job at detangling the hair. I have really long hair so it does get quite knotty and this really does make such difference. The mids to ends my hair are quite dry and this has helped lock in moisture while keeping the hair super smooth. 

The second product I have been using might be my favourite out of the three which is the PowderDry.ME Hair Blowdry Mist (£9.95). It's suitable for all hair types just like the previous product and what this is going to do is cut the blow dry time by 50%! It has frizz control properties and offers heat and UV protection while smoothing and conditioning the hair. I use this product every single morning and it really does make my hair dry so much quicker! In combination with the Fab.ME, my hair has never been softer or smoother! I love that it also has UV protection as many hair products I have tried don't offer this. 

The final product is the Puff.ME Volumising Powder Mist (£9.95). This is available in two different options depending on your hair type. I have very flat hair so I was excited to test this out and see if it could add any extra volume to my hair and it definitely works! It adds a tonne of volume to the roots and I am obsessed with it. I was a little worried that it would add a white cast to the hair because I do have almost black hair and I haven't had any issues with it myself. I have never tried a volumising powder-based product before but I absolutely love it. 

You can find Design.ME products at Sally Beauty - HERE


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