Freshly Baked London Original Tanning Mousse Review

Fake tan has been one of my favourite beauty products to test lately - blame it on the sunshine! I haven't used fake tan in forever so I had no idea which ones were good so I asked my friend Chelsea which was her favourite and she recommended this one to me. She was SO right about this fake tan as it is such incredible stuff!
Freshly Baked London Original Tanning Mousse Review
Freshly Baked London Original Tanning Mousse Review
What really intrigued me about this company was that they have scented fake tans and I had never seen any like this before! I was also really excited to try out Freshly Baked London because they are cruelty-free too. I decided to go for the Original Bay Powder Self Tan Mousse (£14) and it has already become a favourite. It's recommended for light to medium complexions and they do have dark versions available too. This self-tanning mousse claims to have a nourishing formula and applies without any streaks. It has been enriched with Vitamins A and E and with extracts of Aloe Vera and Green Tea to nourish the skin for a flawless, impeccable finish. 

When I first ordered this, I honestly wasn't expecting it to not have that biscuit fake tan smell. Any fake tan I have used even when they claim to not have that traditional scent always does. But with this one there is no biscuit smell whatsoever! The baby powder scent is clean scent and I honestly love that it's scented and I will definitely be picking up a different scent soon too. As it is a mousse formulation I always find them so much easier to apply and this is slightly runnier than what I'm used to as it isn't quite as foamy but it actually works better and you can blend it more evenly into the skin. 

I always recommend applying any fake tan with a mitt and that's how I applied this one to the skin. It isn't at all sticky and dries so quickly which I love as you don't have to wait around to get dressed. You can leave this on to develop for 4-8 hours which is what I usually do. I have left it on for two hours before when I have been in a rush and it still gives the skin such a nice healthy colour (I've also left it on overnight too). This product is extremely easy to apply and is one of the only fake tans I have used that doesn't leave behind any streaks at all! I really like the colour it develops as it doesn't look muddy or orange at all. 

Whenever I use a fake tan, I want it to be as long-lasting as possible, mainly because I'm quite lazy so I won't have to reapply it as often. This fake tan is by far the most long-wearing one I have ever used, even without moisturising daily to prolong the wear! It lasts for at least seven days on my skin and even as it starts to fade away, it fades so evenly and never looks patchy at all! If you need a new fake tan, you definitely need to try this one out. 

The Freshly Baked London Original Tanning Mousse retails for £14 - HERE


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