Feather & Down Breathe Well Pillow Spray & Bath Essence

It's no secret that I love the original pillow spray from Feather and Down, it's one of my favourite products ever. I find that it personally make a massive difference for me at night from helping me fall asleep quicker to helping ease my anxiety. So when I heard Feather and Down were launching new products, I couldn't wait to try them out! 
Feather & Down Breathe Well Pillow Spray & Bath Essence
Both of these products are from the Breathe Well line that will be launching very soon from Feather and Down. They have decided to extend their best sellers and create a Breathe Well Pillow Spray and Bath Essence, these products have been created to encourage a restful night's sleep. Both of the products contain a delicate fragrance of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Tea Tree essential oils that are renowned for their soothing, cooling and general 'breathe well' properties. I knew I was going to love them as soon as I saw the scent notes as they are some of my favourites! They also have been blended with Lavender (another scent favourite of mine) and chamomile essential oils to encourage relaxation. 

The Breathe Well Pillow Spray is now a must-have nighttime product for me. I have had some trouble with my hay fever recently and it makes such a massive difference in helping me breathe through my nose at night. I love spritzing my pillows with it before going to bed and it really does help encourage a restful nights sleep, I have found that I haven't been waking up half as much since I started using this. The Breathe Well Bath Essence has been my go-to bubble bath for evening baths. Not only does it create some lovely bubbles but the scent actually lingers in the air so you can breathe them in while you relax in the tub! Not many bath products can actually fill the bathroom with any scent so I was so impressed with that.

Both of these products have the best scent and reminds me of something I used when I was younger. All of the scent notes together create a cooling and relaxing scent that really does help you breathe easier and sleep better. I had a cold when I started using the pillow spray and it made such a massive difference. I am obsessed with the cooling element to the products, especially with the warmer weather we are experiencing in the UK at the moment. I highly recommend both of these products and if you haven't tried Feather and Down before, they do have some lovely gift sets with mini's in too! 

You can find Feather and Down at Boots - HERE


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