Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water & Drops

I have been loving testing out new fake tans lately and Isle of Paradise is the brand I have been most excited to try out. The products are unlike anything I have tried before and I have quickly become obsessed with them. I definitely want to try more from the Isle of Paradise brand soon!
Isle of Paradise
Isle of Paradise
One of the products that I have seen on Instagram that has been the most hyped about is the Self Tanning Water (£18.95). I have the green one which is the Medium shade and I have found this to create the most beautiful sunkissed tan for my skin tone. When it comes to fake tan, I had only previously used mousses so I was a little nervous to use this and if you are a beginner I would be careful the first time you apply this until you get the hang of it. This is one of the best fake tans I have used from the colour it gives the skin to the fact it has such a lovely scent - not a biscuit hint in sight! 

To apply this tan, you mist it over the skin until it is completely saturated and then go in with a mitt and blend into the skin with sweeping motions. As it doesn't have a guide colour I would recommend applying a little bit more even when you think you've finished just to make sure you haven't missed an area. Once applied you leave it on the skin for 4-6 hours to develop and you will be tan in no time! It also has a hydrating formulation with avocado, chia seed and coconut oils. What I love about this tan is that it also helps reduce redness and calm the skin while also having a colour corrective formula. It never looks muddy or orange on the skin. It doesn't feel sticky on the skin and it does dry pretty quickly. The tan it gives the skin is very natural looking and it's super long lasting which is the best! 

The Self Tanning Drops (£19.95) are probably one of my favourite products I have tried so far this year, I can't get enough! What's cool about these is that they are completely customisable! The more drops you use = the deeper the tan. They are so easy to use as you add your selected amount of drops to your favourite moisturiser and apply like normal, I like to use these in my evening skincare routine. I usually use four drops but as my skin naturally gets darker I will use more drops. These make such a difference and work fantastically well, I love having a tan on my face and it even adds a little glow. I haven't experienced any patchiness at all and they fade away very evenly. Just like the Tanning Water, they have a hydrating formula and I have slightly sensitive skin and I haven't had any issues with them. I have a lot of discolouration and acne scarring and I've found that this almost hides it which is insane to me - I hardly ever wear foundation when I use these! 

One thing I really love about Isle of Paradise, besides being obsessed with the products, is that the products are vegan and cruelty-free. These products are also free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils and phthalates. They are available at Boots and Beauty Bay - HERE


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