Hollister Festival Vibes For Her Eau de Parfum

I have loved Hollister ever since I was a teenager and to this day, I am still obsessed with the scents. This is a brand new perfume from Hollister that will be launching exclusively at Superdrug in five days and I think it might be my favourite one yet! 
Hollister Festival Vibes For Her Eau de Parfum
Hollister Festival Vibes For Her Eau de Parfum
The Hollister Festival Vibes For Her Eau de Parfum is the perfect summer fragrance. This is a floral fruity fragrance that has been designed with festival season in mind. This is definitely an energizing and happy fragrance and I can't get enough of it! I have been really enjoying floral scents this year and this is by far one of my favourite new additions so far this year. It's available in three different sizes, 30ml for £22, 50ml for £32 and 100ml for £39. I think these price points are brilliant as they are on the more affordable end of prices for a perfume but the scent is incredible stuff! It has the following notes: 

- Top: Bergamot, Quince, Goji Berries. 
- Middle: Pink Peony, Osmanthus, Vanilla Orchid, Hibiscus. 
- Base: Cashmere wood, Tonka Bean, Musk. 

The scent itself is on the stronger side without being overpowering and it lasts for hours once spritzed onto clothing or the skin. It's the perfect combination of floral and fruity notes but I do find that I am able to smell almost all of the notes too. I do really love this fragrance and I have been wearing it every day since it arrived. I have never really been ones of those people who would use a specific fragrance for the season but this one just screams summer to me. If you aren't a massive fan of floral scents but want to ease yourself in, this would be a great fragrance to try! 

This fragrance has superior packaging and I am obsessed with the bottle. The bottle is shaped to first perfectly in your hand and has feminine and summery touches. It has a soft-touch silicone sleeve around the bottom half of the glass bottle that has a vivid coral and pink swirl tie-dye effect to it, complete with the Hollister logo. It has a twist-down cap that I really like as it's a little something different. It has eye-catching pops of bright yellow from the accent on the cap and the 'Festival Vibes' written across the front of the bottle. 

The Hollister Festival Vibes For Her (and Him) will be launching exclusively at Superdrug on the 20th of June 2018 before the national launch on the 16th of July 2018. 


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