June 2018 Beauty Favourites

It felt like January to forever to come to an end and now the year is flying by! I'm so happy that it's officially summer and the weather has been treating us well in Essex this week. I am absolutely obsessed with my favourites this month and I have been using them all consistently throughout the month and I still can't get enough of them.
June 2018 Beauty Favourites
I have fallen in love with the Hollister Festival Vibes fragrance and I can't get enough! This is a floral fruity fragrance that's perfect for summer and it's currently available exclusively at Superdrug. I'm obsessed with the packaging and the pops of vibrant yellow and the perfume itself is extremely long-lasting once applied. I've always loved the Hollister fragrances but this is definitely my favourite out of all of the ones I have tried. They also have a men's version available. 

The IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream isn't a new favourite but I rediscovered it this month and I forgot just how incredible this stuff is! I have been using this pretty much every single day in June and I still can't get enough of it. It has brilliant coverage and lasts well throughout the day on the skin but it doesn't actually look like you are wearing foundation which is why I love it so much. The only other makeup favourite of mine this month has been the Urban Decay Naked Concealer. I had finally run out of my Tarte Shape Tape Concealer and remembered I had a brand new tube of this in my collection and I have been loving it! It doesn't have quite as high of a coverage as the Tarte one but it I love that it doesn't look or feel heavy on the skin. As it is a slightly lighter shade, it has brightening effects that I can't get enough of.

About a month ago I got Red Carpet Manicure and I am completely converted to gel nails now. This system is by far the best one I have used and it makes my nails feel so much stronger and I wasn't expecting that at all! It doesn't damage the nails and it lasts for weeks on my nails and that is so impressive because they would usually chip within a day or two most of the time. I have been wearing the shade 122 Ooo La Liscisous so much and I know I will be using this throughout the summer too. It's a gorgeous coral toned red.

I have tried a few different facial cleansing tools but the PMD Clean is my new obsession. I love that you can use this for cleansing but also to apply serums too! I have been using this almost every evening with a creamy based cleanser and my skin feels like it has had a deep cleanse after each use and super soft. It's been helping massively with my acne too. I have reviewed this in detail if you want to check that out, you can read about it HERE

I heard nothing but good things about the Pixi Double Cleanse and it definitely lives up to the hype! I have been using this very night to remove my makeup and to do a second step cleanse and I can't get enough! I love the creamy cleanser with the PMD Clean too! This removes my makeup so quickly and easily and my skin has been so much softer since I started using this. I have two giveaway live at the moment where you have the chance to possibly win this! All the details - HERE


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