Sensationail StripGel Starter Kit Review

In the last couple of months, I have been really obsessed with gel nails and I don't think I could go back to normal nail polishes full time now, I am fully converted! I had heard really great things about the Sensationail kits so I was excited to put one to the test and this kit claims you can peel off the gel which really caught my attention.
Sensationail StripGel Starter Kit Review
Sensationail StripGel Starter Kit Review
The Sensationail StripGel Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get you started. But what I have noticed when comparing to other gel starter kits of a similar price is that the products included are much smaller in size so you will have to repurchase them pretty soon after getting the starter kit. I do like that you get two shades in the kit but the sizing is definitely something to keep in mind before you buy. But saying this, if you were to buy it directly from Sensationail, they often have offers on the starter kits at the weekend you can buy it at a discount. In the kit you get:

- LED Lamp with USB lead & mains plug
- StripGel Peel Off Base Coat
- Buffer
- Cleanser & Wipes
- Raspberry Wine Gel Polish
- Mystery Bonus Gel Polish
- Non-Wipe Top Coat

I really like the LED lamp in this kit as it automatically comes on when you put your hands under so you don't have to fuss around trying to turn it on without messing up your nails. The process of doing a gel set of nails is much quicker than with other gel kits I have used recently, I think it only took me around 30 minutes from prepping the nails to being completely finished! It's really easy to follow and the instructions on the website are very helpful. The Raspberry Wine shade is stunning, it looks even better in direct sunlight! I did find that I needed three thin coats but that extra step took no time at all to do. The top coat in the kit does claim that you don't need to wipe it after using the lamp but I personally did like to use a cleanser after as I did find them to be tiny bit sticky and I didn't want to mess them up.

After around ten days I decided to peel off the nails to do a new set as I wanted to try out the other colour included. I didn't actually need to because my nails weren't chipped and they definitely had a few more days left in them but I was just too impatient. I didn't find that they peeled off in one like they claim to but it is really easy to peel off and I didn't experience any damage to my nails at all! It's really satisfying to peel off too. I did think that because you could peel it off that they would chip or peel up at the edges much more quickly but that wasn't the case at all.

The Sensationail StripGel Starter Kit retails for £59.99 - HERE.


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