Preventing Theft on Summer Holidays

If you're planning your summer holiday then I have some tips to make sure you safe on your travels! It's so important to keep yourself and your belongings safe on holiday so hopefully these tips will be helpful! 
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Don't Advertise You're Away on Social Media

While everybody loves to post photos on Instagram of their travel adventures (myself included), be careful how much you post as it basically advertise that you aren't at home! Even if you do have a house sitter or someone checking on your home everyday, to anyone on social media it will appear that your house is empty and an easy target. 

Keeping Your Valuables in a Safe

If you can be without them, don't travel with anything with extreme importance so you don't have to stress about losing it. I personally travelled without any jewellery besides my watch. But if you have items that you do need to keep secure such as extra cash and your passport etc, make use of a safe in your accommodation. However, it's extremely important to make sure that the safe is bolted to the wall or floor so that it can't be removed from the room. 

Never Leave Your Bags Unattended 

This one might sound really obvious but even if you're just stepping away for a second, make sure to take your stuff with you! Even if you can't take your bag with you, make sure you have a friend or family member watch your stuff for you. When you're walking around, keep your bag in front of you too! It's better to be safe than sorry.

Keep Your Passport Safe

When I went on holiday last year, I took my passport with me everywhere I went because I was so worried about it getting lost or stolen. As I never leave my bag unattended and I'm extra careful with my belongings, this worked well for me. I kept it zipped up inside a pocket in my bag so if someone did happen to reach in, it wouldn't be easy to access it. 

Cash and Money Safety 

While I took all cash when I went on holiday, I wish I hadn't. It can be difficult to keep track off and I didn't like taking it all out with me every day but I didn't want to leave it in my accommodation either. I would personally take some cash and a travel or debit card with me next time so I am able to cancel the card if I did get lost but I would still have some emergency cash on me. If you do take mostly cash with you, keep it separated so if you do happen to have it stolen or it gets lost, you haven't lost it all.

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This post is sponsored. 


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