Everyday Face Brushes

For at least the last six months, these are the brushes I have been using exclusively to do my face makeup so I thought I would share them today. These are my absolute favourite tools and ones that I will repurchase again and again, most of them are all fairly affordable as well!
Everyday Face Brushes
I was using the beautyblender for a while to apply my foundation but at the beginning of the year, I switched to the Tarte The Buffer Brush and I have been obsessed with it ever since. This is by far the best brush I have used to apply my foundation as it blends and applies liquid products so effortlessly. Even though it does work brilliantly with liquids, it's fantastic with creams and powder-based products as well. It doesn't leave any brush marks once you've applied it like some brushes can do and it helps achieve a much higher yet flawless coverage. This brush is a little pricey but Tarte often do offers when you can get this for a few quid at checkout!

I have always struggled with my concealer creasing directly under the lower lash line, it doesn't make what product I use, it will always crease. Then I discovered that any of the small oval shaped brushes are a lifesaver! If I take a tiny bit of loose powder on one of these brushes and apply it directly to the area that creases, it prevents it from creasing all day long. You can get these brushes for around £2 in Primark and you really don't need an expensive one for this method to work. I like to use a different brush to set my under eyes as I use a loose powder for the under eye and a pressed powder for my face. The brush I have been using for years for this is the Zoeva 135 Petit Face Definer, as this is slightly pointed, it fits perfectly under the eyes. I can't fault Zoeva brushes, I have had some of my brush sets for years and they are still in perfect condition. 

To apply powder to the face, my favourite brush is the Blank Canvas F34. This is a large fluffy brush that lightly sweeps powders across the face, this is one of those brushes that I never have to worry about applying too much product with. For bronzing, I have been obsessed with the Blank Canvas F39 brush from the metallic line. I have been using this brush for about two years now to bronze the skin and it's the perfect brush to use as it doesn't apply too much and it blends out powders to quickly and effortlessly. To apply blush to the cheeks I have been using the Real Techniques Blush Brush probably ever since it first launched. I have tried so many different blush brushes but I always come back to this one. The final brush that I use every day for the face is the Real Techniques Setting Brush. The one I'm actually using is pretty much identical to this but it was from last years Christmas collection so you can't get this one anymore. This is a slightly fluffier brush to apply highlight with but I love it as it blends it out so you don't end up with your highlight looking so harsh even if it is a little more intense. 

What are your favourite face brushes?



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