My Ghost Experiences

So today's post is a little different than what I usually post about! I have shared my experience with ghosts a few times on Twitter and people always ask me questions about it so I thought I would share some of my experiences in one post as there is only so much you can fit in a tweet. Whether you're a skeptic or not, this has all genuinely happened to me and I do think you have to be open to the idea of ghosts and the paranormal to actually experience it. 
The first time I saw a ghost must have been when I was 8 or 9. It was probably a year or so after my Nan had died and I can remember it vividly. I was sitting near the doorway to my kitchen and our sofa was directly in my eye line and I saw my nan sitting on the arm of the sofa. The arm of the sofa even had an indent in it as if someone was sitting there and her shadow was on the wall. She was probably there for 30 seconds to a minute and I can remember looking away and looking back again and her still being there. I think I told my Mum at the time but I think she just dismissed it. 

The only person I have actually known that I have seen is my Nan. My little sister was born long after she died and when she was around three years old, we were at my aunt's house and my little sister was sitting on her bed. There was a couple of us in the room and all of a sudden she looked in part of the room where none of us was and started waving and saying "Hi Nanny". She said it more than once at that time and it wasn't like this was a normal thing for her, that was the one and only time she has done it. I haven't seen my nan since but I have definitely felt her presence in my house but only when I'm walking up the stairs. I can almost feel her touching my back and this has happened so many times over the years. 

The house that my sister saw my nan in I was convinced was haunted. The weirdest things would happen in the bathroom connecting to the bedroom my sister saw her in and it wasn't just weird things that would happen to me, they would happen to everyone. I always felt strange in that house but in that bathroom specifically, you would really feel the presence of something or someone else. Mirrors would move and my cousin said items would fly off shelves. 

In the years after those incidents, I didn't really have many experiences but I think it was because as a teenager I was slightly close-minded. But when I started working at my current workplace was when I started seeing ghosts again. Inbetween each duo of rooms at my work is a cloakroom that connects the two rooms. I have always felt someone in there one of the sets ever since I started working there. If I was ever in there by myself, the doors would close on me and I would feel a heavy presence. I've been told that it's a little girl in these rooms specifically, with a high collared neck shirt and she usually sits in the corner by this cloakroom. 

The most recent ghost experience I've had was at my work again. I was the only person in the building as my boss was outside at the opposite end and I was facing the interactive board in one of the rooms, it's basically a giant TV so you can see reflections in it. And I saw a someone walk through the door all the way across the room (the rooms are quite long so it wasn't a quick movement) in the reflection of the board. I felt someone in the room, you know when someone walks past you quickly and you can feel the air whip past you, it felt like that. I turned around and nobody was there so I went into the corridor to see if someone was there and I heard a door close a couple of rooms up with a man coughing. I was the only one in this part of the building. 

Almost all of the ghosts I've seen, besides my nan, have been dark shadowy figures. No faces, usually on the taller side. I've never felt scared or in danger of seeing a ghost. I often see them out of my peripheral vision if I'm walking down the street or something. The more I have been thinking about how I've seen ghosts, the more I've realised how much I have seen them or had experiences with them.  For example, products disappearing but being in the exact place I left them a day later even though I checked at least four times. 

Weird things have happened with technology over the years, I'm not certain that it's ghosts specifically but they are definitely unexplainable. I had a Blackberry that would play the Addams Family song on full blast, even if the phone was switched off, multiple times throughout the day and you couldn't turn it off, this went on for months and I didn't have the song on the phone either. If I'm playing a song on my iMac it will just randomly change to something I have never listened to before and nobody has access to my accounts and I've changed the password so many times.

It's not like I'm just 'seeing things' I can feel them and apparently hear them now. 



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