My Top Honeymoon Locations

I love looking at potential holidays online and Destination 2 is a new discovery of mine. They specialise in long-haul travel and I'm going to share my top three honeymoon locations today. There are three places I have always wanted to travel to so when I get married it will be the perfect excuse to go to one of them!
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After having a browse through the Destination2 website, I have picked out my three top honeymoon destinations. The Maldives Luxury All Inclusive Holidays | Destination2 look absolutely incredible! There are so many all inclusive holidays to choose from in the Maldives so you can sit back and relax and not have to worry about a thing! The Maldives is known around the globe for its extravagant hotels and luxurious accommodation and Destination2 have a wide selection of 3,4 and 5-star holidays to suit different budgets. The Bandos Island Resort looks stunning and after looking at some reviews, it's made me want to go there even more. 

If you use Instagram a lot like I do, you will probably see a lot of Dubai on there. Everybody seems to travel there and love it so naturally, I now want to go. You can fly to Dubai from so many UK airports and the flight time isn't too bad at around seven hours. The country has very warm winters and super hot summers so you will get to enjoy the sunshine pretty much whenever you go. Dubai has beautiful looking beaches and a modern city with plenty of sights to see so you can do a little bit of everything while you're there. 

My final pick is the Bahamas and if I'm completely honest, this is a place I have wanted to go ever since I saw the Mary-Kate and Ashley holiday 'Holiday in the Sun'. The Bahamas is one of the best holiday destinations in the Caribbean and is known for its world-class resorts, luxurious beaches and the world's third largest barrier reef. Its actually made up of 700 or so islands that are all scattered across the Caribbean Sea. Going to the Bahamas is on my bucket list so there is no better time to go than on a honeymoon! 


This post is sponsored. 


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