Invisibobble Sprunchie Review

I have really long hair and during the Summer I always have it up in a bun of some sort as it makes me so much hotter so this seemed like the product for me. I have used Inivisbobble before and I really liked them so when I spotted this online, I was really interested to give it a try.
Invisibobble Sprunchie Review
Invisibobble Sprunchie Review The Invisibobble Sprunchie is the newest launch from the company and combines the traditional spiral hair ring within an 80s-inspired scrunchie. There are three different options available, True Black, Prima Ballerina and Purrfection, this is the one that I have. I did want the Prima Ballerina one as I loved the idea of the baby pink contrasting against my dark hair but I couldn't find it on many online retailers. As I almost always have my hair up or in a bun, I wanted a hair band that would keep my hair in place without being too tight that I would get a headache and one that's not going to kink my hair so I can wear it down afterwards if I wanted too and this sounded perfect.

When I first saw this online, I was a little shocked by the price as it's £6 for one hair band. I always go through them so quickly but I wanted to give it a try. So I ordered it and I am a little on the fence about it. The Purrfection option is a pretty animal print with a velvety finish and it is extremely comfortable while it's in the hair. Sprunchie is essentially an Invisibobble spiral hair band inside of some fabric and it looks lovely in the hair, I have tried so many different scrunchie style hair bands but none of them has ever been like this so it is very unique.

I have very mixed feelings about this as I do really want to like it but there are a few things about it that I just don't like. If you have very heavy, thick hair then I wouldn't recommend personally. I find it best to use this to hold your hair up in a bun and it does do a really great job but if you are thinking of using this to go to the gym then again, I wouldn't recommend. If I do anything other than walking or sitting while I have this in my hair, it falls out or becomes loose. I don't mind this too much as I usually only have my hair up when I'm at home but I can imagine if this happened throughout the way while I'm out it could be very annoying.

It is really comfortable in the hair and it doesn't give me any headaches at all so I do really like this about it. If you've used the Invisibobble bands before, you'll know that after a while they stretch and you can put them in hot water and they will go back to their original size. As this is one of those bands with fabric around it, you can't really do that with it so I haven't been using it too much otherwise it will become unusable.

Would I repurchase or buy another? Probably not.


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