The Netflix Originals You Need to Watch #2

Besides makeup, Netflix is one of my favourite things so I'm back sharing some of my favourite Netflix Originals. These are all really funny, feel-good shows so if you need a good laugh - these are what you need to watch! 

The Netflix Originals You Need to Watch
Netflix is bringing back the Rom-Com with Set It Up and I'm obsessed! This is set around two assistants who are in need of a serious break from the office and their bosses so they team up and set up their workaholic bosses into falling in love. This is the kind of film that I love, it's cute, funny and a really nice watch. I have a massive girl crush on Zoey Deutch and I need to watch everything she has been in now. 

If you haven't watched Marlon yet, stop what you are doing and binge this! This is probably the best Netflix show I have watched so far this year, it's absolutely hilarious. It takes a lot of make me actually laugh at a TV show and this is the only one besides The Big Bang Theory that has me cackling with laughter. This isn't technically a Netflix Original but it is for the UK so I had to include it! I'm not going to give a single thing away about this but trust me and watch this ASAP! 

Just like Marlon, Champions isn't specifically a Netflix Original but it is for the UK with season one ready to binge. It's been cancelled in the States but I'm hoping Netflix will pick it up because I thought it was really good! Years after getting his girlfriend pregnant, washed-up jock Vince meets his eccentric son Michael and learns about fatherhood, one show tune at a time. I loved the full casting of this show and I think Vince's brother is my favourite character. 

Two of my favourite Netflix shows are back with second seasons which makes me so happy The first is Nailed It! which is a hilarious cooking show, I talked about this more in my previous Netflix recommendations post. I am absolutely obsessed with Nichole Byer, she really makes the show and I want to see so much more of her. The season show with a second season is GLOW, you already know by now that I love wrestling so it's no surprise that I like this show. I haven't finished watching this yet so no spoilers, please!



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