Three Fragrance Favourites

I have never had a big perfume collection as I never seem to finish a bottle but these three scents are ones that I could only own and I would still be happy. Each of them is completely different than the other and if I had to choose what my signature scent would be, it would definitely be one of these three. 
Three All -Time Favourite Perfumes
Vera Wang Princess has been my go-to everyday fragrance for at least two years now. This fragrance launched back in 2006 and is a lovely fragrance with notes of water lily, apple, mandarin meringue golden apricot skin, dark chocolate, amber, musk and vanilla. I love anything with vanilla in so I knew I would love this as soon as I got it but I love the floral notes too. The older I'm getting the more I am becoming to love floral scents. This is a slightly younger fragrance but I am obsessed with it. The bottle is gorgeous and it even has a ring you can wear beneath the crown cap. 

Even though I have been wearing Vera Wang Princess as my everyday fragrance for years, Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Blue Woman may have just replaced it. If you read my review on this fragrance a little over a week ago (link here if you want to check it out), you'll know that I absolutely adore this fragrance. This is me in a bottle if I'm honest and I have always loved the Abercrombie style scent so I'm happy to have something similar to wear myself now. This is a stunning feminine and naturally fresh fragrance with a hint of floral to it. All of notes work brilliantly together and of course, this has vanilla in! This launches in a few days and you have to give this a sniff if you see it in stores! 

My final fragrance favourite is usually what I wear when I'm feeling a little fancy and I normally wear it during the Winter as it is a little too intense for the Summertime. Thierry Mugler Alien is a perfume I had lusted over for years but I could never bring myself to buy it as it is much more expensive than my other two favourites. This launched in 2009 and has top notes of mandarin essence, heart notes of Moroccan jasmine and base notes of white amber and cashmeran wood. This is a very distinctive scent, you can always tell if someone is wearing this when you're out and about! There is honestly no other fragrance like this one. 

What are your go-to scents?



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