Vegan Beauty Heroes #1

I've always tried to highlight cruelty-free and vegan beauty when I can and products that are both of these things take priority on my blog. I'm personally cruelty-free with my beauty purchases and I try to go vegan as much as I can. I've decided to start a new series when I hopefully can once a month, highlight some of my favourite vegan products as it can be a little overwhelming if this is all new to you. I was actually surprised at how many vegan beauty products there are on the high street!
Vegan Beauty Heroes
The Body Shop is a one-stop shop for all things vegan beauty now! The Face Mists from brand retail for £6 each and I'm honestly obsessed with them (full review here). One of my favourites at the moment is the Strawberry Smoothing Face Mist, it smells absolutely amazing, to begin with. Even though they are heavily scented, I don't find them to irritate the skin in the slightest. This one is very smoothing on the skin and actually makes a massive difference when it comes to the appeareance of texture on the skin. It's really refreshing and I love to keep it in my handbag for on the go use.

Another company that is completely vegan is Tropic. I have so many posts about Tropic and I do really rate them as a brand, they have great products and I love the team behind the scenes too. The one product I am truly obsessed with is the Tamanu Healing Balm, this product is holy grail status. I lost mine a while ago and I actually panicked because I use it so much so I was so happy when I found it! This is a multipurpose balm that can be used to repair scarred and damaged skin. I literally use this on everything, rashes, cuts, bites, dry skin, you name it - Tamanu Healing Balm fixes it!

The first of the two makeup picks I have to share today is the Tarte Lip Rescue Quench. I don't think I would love a product more than I love this! I actually have six of these on the go and I still want more shades. These are sheer lip balms with stunning packaging and intense hydration. I have never been one for bold lips so these were right up my street with being on the sheer side. You can definitely build up the pigmentation slightly if you wanted to. The second makeup pick is the Jeffree Star Skin Frost, I actually have four or five of these and I'm obsessed. These are incredibly intense and you get so much product for your money. These are blinding on the skin and not for the faint-hearted.

With it being summer, I love to have a bit of a tan but I don't want to ever damage my skin so fake tans are my best friend. The Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops are one of my favourite beauty discoveries in 2018 and I really do rate them. They are so easy to use, all you have to do is mix a few drops in your moisturiser and within a few hours, you have a gorgeous and even tan! It looks very natural on the skin and I love that they don't have that fake tan smell. 

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