An Introduction to Franchising

This post is completely different than what I usually write about but I was so excited to write about this as it's something that really interests me! I studied Business a few years ago and it's not something I really share.
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If you have no idea what a franchise is, its when you buy into an existing business and acquire the right to use an existing business idea. Many well-known high street stores, including opticians, are actually franchises. It's a joint venture between the franchisee, who buys the right from the franchisor to copy a business format and the franchisor is who sells the rights to use the business idea in a specific location. Opening a franchise is a lot less risky than setting up as an independent retailer as you'll be selling a well-known product just in a new branch location.

One in five startup companies survive their first half-decade but for a small business franchise, it's four in five. So it's pretty simple - franchising is much more secure. You will still be your own boss but you don't have to worry about starting to build a reputation from scratch when you have a franchise. You still get to make your own decisions and manage the branch how you see fit but the risk is reduced substantially because of central accounts. 

If you are considering becoming a franchise then are here to help! They are keen to hear from ambitious thinkers and you can find out more about them on their website. Rainbow will only take a small percentage fee every month (that's it) and aside from their name, you'll benefit from a three week, immersive training scheme before your application is approved, as well as industry-leading support during the first 100 days of activity. 


This post is sponsored.


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