Erborian Capsule Mask & Bamboo Matte Lotion Review

I love face masks, they are my favourite pamper treat so I always love trying out something new. Erborian is a brand I have been trying out much more this year and this new product is honestly one of my favourite launches in 2018. I think it's such a cool concept and reminds me of something I had as a child.
Erborian Capsule Mask & Bamboo Matte Lotion Review
Erborian Capsule Mask & Bamboo Matte Lotion Review
The Erborian multi-tasking liquid skincare solutions have been out for a while now but they have been designed to be used with the brand new Capsule Masks. You can use these lotions without the new masks but this is just a little more fun to add to your skincare routine. There are a few different ones available and I decided to go for the Bamboo Matte Lotion as it sounded like it was best used to my skin's needs. The bottles of lotion themselves are much larger than the size that I have and retail between £26 - £32 depending on which one you decide on. 

The lotion itself will help leave normal to oily skin looking perfectly mattified with a velvety finish. It has been enriched with extracts of Bamboo which is known to be a natural moisturiser that also helps reduce excess sebum and tighten pores. You can use this both morning and evening applied directly to the skin with a cotton pad or you can use it with the brand new Capsule Masks which is how I like to use it. 

The Capsule Masks retail for £5 for a pack of three and they are so easy to use. You peel back the film and add your selected lotion into the blister and leave it for two minutes. The mask will expand, ready to be applied to the skin. Remember those flannels you had as a kid that would pop out when you added them to water? These are just like that! By leaving the mask in the lotion for a few minutes it allows the lotion to fully saturate into the mask for the best benefits for your skin. 

The mask itself is much softer than I was expecting it to be and is a great fit for the shape of my face. I would definitely say to add slightly more lotion to the blister than you think you need to make sure that the mask is well saturated to be added to the skin. You can leave the mask on for between 10-15 minutes and I do really like the results it provides for the skin. You don't need to rinse the skin after when you use this particular lotion and I love how my skin is mattified after use, it would be great to use in the morning! My pores definitely look and feel better after use and I would buy the Capsule Masks myself as I do think they would work well with other products as well. 


This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own. 


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