How I Stay Motivated Daily Blogging

Ever since I started my blog back in the beginning of 2013, I have pretty much posted a new blog post every single day, sometimes more than once a day. I really do love it, even when I struggle to find the words, so I thought I would share what keeps me motivated to keep going and how I stay a little more organised. 
How I Stay Motivated Daily Blogging
How I have been staying motivated and organised lately is all down to one product, The Happy Planner. I had wanted an Erin Condren planner for years but they are so expensive so then I saw someone talk about The Happy Planner in a YouTube video and I went and ordered one instantly. I have become that obsessed with the company that since I got my first one in June I have probably spent more money than I should admit on sticker books. I'm that hooked that I now have two planners. I'm currently using a classic size planner as my everything planner, I plan out my week ahead writing down anything I want to get done that week from posting giveaways, taking photos or writing. You can see a little of what I had planned out in advance for this week, of course, The Secret World of Jeffree Star had to be included! I do use this to organise my life as well but I hadn't actually written anything down before I took the photo. 

Beside using The Happy Planner, I find that I work best when I work in bulk. So I will usually take a week's worth of photos one day and then spend the next day or two writing posts for the week. I'm off work at the moment so it's a little different than my usual schedule behind the scenes but usually, I will write a whole weeks worth of blog posts on a Sunday and then take photos during the week whenever the weather is good. I use natural lighting for my photos so whenever its overcast, I grab my camera!

 What I have found works best for me, besides doing everything in bulk, is using spreadsheets, I actually use the monthly spread in my happy planner for this. But I will write down any posts that I know I want to post that month on the specific dates, like my new in beauty post or my monthly favourites so I already know what I'm going to be writing about in advance. For August, I already had three weeks worth of posts planned out before the month had even started so then all I had to do was actually write the posts and schedule them ready to be published. 

If I'm ever lacking inspiration what I like to do is look at what I had posted around this time of year last year, have a read through other blogs (obviously don't copy them) and look through Pinterest. Ideas usually pop into my head at the most random of times so I always make a quick note on my phone so I don't forget them - I have the memory of a goldfish! I started a couple of series recently so if I'm not too sure what to post about, I always go back to those! 

Even though I do try and post something new every single day, I have started to take breaks here and there so I don't get burnt out. Blogging is pretty much my part-time job at this point and I never want to get to the point of not enjoying it anymore. Nobody is going to notice if I miss a day or two at the end of the day. 

How do you stay motivated?



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