New Nordic Hair Volume Gummies - One Month Update

I have never taken vitamins or supplements before now, I feel like I need to disclose this as all the results I have experienced since starting to take these are down to this product alone. I wasn't too sure what to expect within 30 days of starting them but I have started to see results already and I'm pretty impressed so far! 
New Nordic Hair Volume Gummies
New Nordic Hair Volume Gummies
The New Nordic Hair Volume Supplements are available in a few different variations, I have been using the gummies for the last month but I will now be switching over to the tablet versions. This product has been developed to support hair growth and volume. They contain Biotin and zinc to maintain normal hair. Biotin will also have benefits for the skin and Zinc will also help to maintain normal nails. They also contain a combination of millet and horsetail and the ingredients are all natural and herbal. 

Everybody will see different results in a different about of time, I personally saw some results after about 16 days but for others, it can take months. The Hair Volume products are recommended to those in a period of hair thinning and more growth due to malnutrition and oxidative stress, to be used after menopause in response to hormonal changes and for those who want to give their hair the best growth and nutritional support. 

With the hair gummies, you take two every day and I was a little worried that they would taste weird but I actually enjoy taking them. They have been made with apples so they do taste like you're eating an apple gummy sweet. One of the main benefits I have seen since I started taking these is actually with my nails. I have mentioned this a lot but my nails used to be in terrible condition, they wouldn't grow long as they would always flake off and they were very bendy. But after two weeks of taking these, my nails have been in the best condition they have ever been in! They have been incredibly strong and I haven't had a single issue with any breakage since. The results I've seen with my hair have been a little slower, my hair is definitely looking and feeling much stronger and healthier and I am starting to notice a difference. I haven't been losing as much hair as I usually would and it's definitely starting to get thicker and more volumised. 

New Nordic has partnered with Alexis Ren, she is absolutely stunning, has gorgeous hair and a huge 12 million+ following on Instagram. You can use her code ALEXIS for 20% off your order - HERE

I'm going to continue taking these for two more months and I will update again then. 


This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own. 


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