Summer Nail Polish Favourites

The sun has been shining and my nails have never been painted so much! I go through phases with my nails but for the last month or so, I have been painting them religiously and these five shades are pretty much the only ones I have been using!
Summer Nail Polish Favourites
A nail polish that has been a summer staple for me is Essie Fiji, I have gone through a few bottles of this now and I never usually repurchase nail polish as I have a big polish collection. This is a milky baby pink polish and it's one of the shades that Essie is known for. This shade would look gorgeous on all skin tones and I always find myself wearing it in the most in the warmer months. Another Essie polish I'm obsessed with Fifth Avenue. This is a creamy red/orange polish that I have been wearing on the fingers and toes for a while now. For some reason, I will only wear tones of red or dark purple on my toes and I have worn Fifth Avenue on the toes for over a month now. 

Nails Inc is my favourite nail polish brand and I love that they are cruelty-free! I own almost all of the duos that they have and they are some of my favourite polishes in my collection. Ocean Ever After is from the Self-Made Mermaid Duo and it's a sparkling sea blue polish, I have been wearing this shade for months now! My other favourite from Nails Inc is in the shade Dream Dust that is from the Sparkle Like a Unicorn Duo. It's a pink/purple with blinding sparkles. Both of these polishes are from the same formulation and it's one of my favourites as it looks gorgeous in the sunlight. Nail Polish Direct does sell these shades individually if you do want to get your hands on them without having to purchase the duos. 

The only other shade I have been wearing on the shades this Summer has been white. I have been using a Lancome one but they don't actually sell it anymore so I don't want to promote it. I love bright, clean nails and white nails look even better with a tan! Once you find a good white nail polish that only needs two coats and isn't at all's like hitting the jackpot. 

What are your favourite summer nail polishes?


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