How to Find Blogging Opportunities

Emails don't always just land into your inbox, you have to search and get yourself out there to find opportunities. Quite a few of the paid opportunities I have had the chance to take part in on my blog have been because I have found them myself. So I thought I would share the ways that I find opportunities. 
How to Find Blogging Opportunities
Twitter Hashtags

One of the places that I have had the best luck with is Twitter. It's really easy to find sponsored post opportunities on Twitter if you know where to look. The hashtags that I check every weekday or so are #bloggerswanted #PRrequest #bloggersrequired, they do get abused by some bloggers sharing their posts in them so I always mute the people that do this to make it a little easier. Even just searching 'looking for bloggers' often finds a lot of great opps! 

Facebook Groups

Facebook is really great too! I have had some amazing opportunities just by filling in a couple of forms on there. Facebook groups like Official UK Bloggers, UK Influencer Opportunites and Blogger Opportunities are the best ones I have found so far. Some groups have specific rules so make sure that you check the pinned messages so you don't get removed. 

Both of these websites are wonderful! I have been using bloggers required for years and you can sign up for their mailing lists to be emailed once a week with the new opportunities so you don't even have to check the website regularly. I have had a few sponsored posts come through bloggers required so it's definitely worth checking out. 

When I say opportunities, I mean working with companies or PRs on a review basis as well as paid work. Quite a few of the brands that I work with regularly now on a sponsored basis have been because I started working with them on a gifting basis. You can always email companies and PRs that you've worked with previously too!  



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