Red Carpet Manicure Colour Dip Starter Kit Review

In the last couple of months, I have become a huge fan of Red Carpet Manicure. I adore their gel nail system so I was so intrigued by the Colour Dip range. I have never tried any powder nail products and I honestly thought they would be really difficult to apply but this kit makes it so easy!
Red Carpet Manicure Colour Dip Starter Kit Review
Red Carpet Manicure Colour Dip Starter Kit Review
The Red Carpet Manicure Colour Dip Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started, the only thing you will need to purchase in addition to this is something to remove it with, any acetone should do the trick. The Colour Dip range is a new and innovative line that gives you the perfect manicure that's incredibly long-lasting and pretty much chip resistant! As it is a powder rather than a polish, it makes your nails feel incredibly strong too. Included in the kit is:

- Base Coat
- Activator
- Top Coat
- Brush Softener
- Colour Dip Sheer Powder in Contract Please
- 20x Nail Wipes
- 3x Woodsticks
- Groom Buffer
- 10x Removal Pads
- 5x Replacement Brushes

I was really impressed to see that they included the Brush Softener and the replacement brushes if your brushes do end up going hard from the powder as it means you don't have to repurchase any of the products when you don't need too. You only get one shade in this kit but they do have a great range of shades if you do want to get an extra or two. I've been testing out the mixing kit (I absolutely love it) and I will have a review up on that in a week or so.

I'm not going to go into too much detailing talking specifically about the application process but I would definitely recommend watching the YouTube tutorial on the Red Carpet Manicure channel as it makes it so much easier and breaks down each step well. You need no skill to be able to apply this, I am rubbish at just painting my nails and I found this really easy to do! It doesn't take too long to do a full set, it's definitely quicker than applying gel nails at home. My top tips is to make sure that you have a very even coat of base coat before each dip and to make sure that you dip your finger into the powder at about a 45-degree angle to make sure that you don't end up with any lumps or bumps. I did mess-up my thumbs the first time I applied it but you can easily file them down before you finish your manicure.

I love the way this looks and feels on the nails. It isn't too thick and it feels so smooth. The top coat really enhances the shades as it adds so much long-lasting gloss to the nails. This honestly lasted for weeks on my nails and I wasn't expecting it to be quite as long-lasting as it was. Even has it starts to grow out, it never feels like it's about to pop off like fake nails can do sometimes. The only time I noticed that it had chipped was with my first application and it was the tiniest chip on the corner of one of my nails but I think it was due to the fact that I applied it a little too thick. If you have trouble with nail polish lasting on your nails, I would definitely try out this system.

The Red Carpet Manicure Colour Dip Starter Kit retails for £39.95 at Beauty Bay - HERE.

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