How to Get Bath and Body Works in the UK (Updated 2018)

Back in 2016, I shared my tips on how to get Bath and Body Works products in the UK. I thought I would do an update as I have found more places to get hold of them! They were advertising for a lot of jobs in the UK a while ago you never know if a store or two will pop up. 
How to Get Bath and Body Works in the UK
Facebook groups are still my number one place to buy my Bath and Body Works products. At this time of year is usually when I buy most of my products as I love the winter and Christmas scents the most. There are two main facebook groups that I have found, one is much better than the other. The first is 'Bath and Body Works Fans UK', this is the one I recommended in my original post and while the page isn't as active as it once was, you can still find a lot of products in this group. The newest group I have found on Facebook is 'Bath & Body Works, Yankee, Disney and USA Goodies UK Fans' and I'd definitely recommend joining this one! 

eBay is still a great place to buy the products, especially pocketbacs as they work out much cheaper on there as you can often get free postage. I usually stick to buying the pocketbacs on eBay but I noticed recently that the single wick candles are very cheap on eBay at around £11 with free postage! I've had a few of these candles before and they have as good as a scent throw as the 3 wicks from the ones that I have tried. My favourite listings on eBay at the moment are: 

- Pocketbacs £3 
- Hand Cream £4/5 

There are a few online shops that stock Bath and Body Works as they use a forwarding service in most cases to ship the products over to the UK. Bath and Body Shop have a great selection of body care and candles on the site with lots of the new launches too! Another website that stocks the brand is Notino, I haven't ordered from them myself but they do have over 200 BBW products in stock. The pocketbacs are very over-priced but many of the other products aren't much more than what they are listed for in the Facebook groups. 


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