Red Carpet Manicure Colour Dip Mixing Kit Review

If you read my review on the Colour Dip Starter Kit (link here ),  you will know just how much of a fan I am of this product. I love anything to do with nails at the moment and being able to make my own colours sounded so exciting!
Red Carpet Manicure Colour Dip Mixing Kit Review
Red Carpet Manicure Colour Dip Mixing Kit Review
The Red Carpet Manicure Colour By Me Mixing Kit retails for £40 and comes with everything you need to create some custom nail colours. If you haven't tried using powder nail products before, it is so easy to apply so anybody can use these products! I'm rubbish at just painting my nails normally and I found this system to be so easy to use.  You can buy colours individually for £14 so this kit is a great deal as you get six different shades and have the ability to create even more. 

Included in the kit is everything you need to create your own colours so if you haven't tried this system before, you will need the Starter Kit. You get six dipping powders in Silver Screen, White Flag, Butter Me Up, Blue Moon, Red Tape and Black Belt. Also in the box is four mixing jars and three mixing spatulas. On the lid of the mixing jars is space for you to name your shades which is a nice touch. You can get really creative with making your own shades but if you aren't too sure what you'd want to create, inside the leaflet included is a few ideas with how many scoops you'll need to create specific shades. 

I have always loved white nails but it is so difficult to find a white nail polish that is bright and not streaky. So I decided to create shade that looked like fresh sparkling snow using a mixture of White Flag and Silver Screen and I can't get enough of it! The white is bold and you only need two dips to achieve full coverage and as it is a powder formula, it is incredibly long-lasting. I decided to name this shade 'I Smell Snow' as I'm a massive Gilmore Girls fan. 

The Red Carpet Manicure Mixing Kit is available - HERE.


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