Sensationail Chrome Powders Review

I am very late to the chrome nail party but never late than ever! These are one of the newer launches from Sensationail and are recommended to be used with a gel nail system. I have been trying these out a number of different ways and I do have some mixed thoughts. 
You can buy the Sensationail Chrome Powders in a few different ways depending on what you want to spend. You can buy all six shades for £27 which have a massive saving or you can buy them individually, as a trio and even with a polish. At £6.99 each, I don't think that is too expensive as some chrome powders are very expensive and they are all very similar. In each of the boxes, you get a small jar of powder in your selected shade as well as an applicator and a set of instructions. 

I have been testing out three shades (Silver, Rose and Purple) and I have had completely different experiences with each of the shades. As these are from Sensationail, they recommend that you use the gel system with these which means that you will a lamp. However, I have been playing around with these and they do work fine with normal nail polishes! I looked up a few different tutorials on how to use them with normal polishes and didn't have a single issue. Sensationail has a YouTube tutorial on their channel and linked on their website on how to apply them which I followed and it made it so easy when I tried them with gel polishes! It doesn't take too long once you get the hang of it and it is very easy to do. 

Depending on what nail polish you use beforehand will depend on the results you will achieve. From my personal experience, they don't work particularly well if you use a light nail polish as your base. On the Sensationail website, it says you can use the Rose shade over a pink nail polish and it didn't work so well when I tried this as you could barely see any change on the nails. The best experience I had when testing them out was with the Silver powder, I applied it over a black nail polish and it looks incredible! It left my nails bright silver and reflective. I still need to play around with them a little more with different base polishes but if you have been looking for a silver chrome powder then I highly recommend this one! 


This post contains press samples. 


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