Zoella Mini Supernova Bathing Collection

This is such a cute gift set from Zoella Beauty for Christmas and it would make such a great stocking filler too! This is incredibly affordable at £5 which is such a great deal for two travel sized products and if you've been wanting to try out Zoella Beauty, this is a great place to start.
Zoella Mini Supernova Bathing Collection
Zoella Mini Supernova Bathing Collection
The Zoella Beauty Mini Supernova Bathing Collection retails for around £5 at Superdrug and Feel Unique and it includes two miniature products. The products included are the Star Shower Body Wash and the Body Whip Body Cream and both products have been enriched with skin-soothing vanilla and peppermint. As soon as I read that this range had vanilla and peppermint in, I knew I had to have it as these two scent notes are my absolute favourite!

The Star Shower Body Wash is available in other gift sets for this holiday season and it is a nice product. It lathers up well on the skin and a little goes a long way. The packaging doesn't completely match the theme of the collection for me personally, I would have loved the bottle to have been navy rather than grey. The Body Whip Body Cream is my favourite product out of the two which has surprised me as I don't usually like hydrating body products! I wish you could buy this product individually as I do really like it. It's very light on the skin but does a fantastic job at keeping the skin feeling super soft. It sinks in within a few minutes and doesn't leave you feeling greasy or oily.

The only thing I wish was different about these two products is the scent, I wish it was a little stronger. I love vanilla and peppermint as I mentioned but these products don't smell as I was expecting them too. It's definitely a fresh yet sweet scent but it isn't straight up peppermint and vanilla as I had hoped. Even though the scent isn't as I wanted it to be, I will definitely be repurchasing this scent when I have finished the products. It works out at £2.50 a product which you can't beat.

The Zoella Beauty Mini Supernova Bathing Collection is available - HERE.

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