Valley Mill Christmas Candles

I can't get enough of candles during the colder months, especially if they are Christmas scented! Valley Mill have recently launched their tin candles and I have been testing out three of their fragrances for the last couple of weeks and I have been so impressed! I already have a favourite that I know I will need to order a few more of soon too.
Valley Mill Christmas Candles
Valley Mill Christmas Candles
I decided to pick out three scents that I thought would be perfect for this time of year and I haven't been disappointed! I love the packaging of each of these candles, they come in silver metal circular containers complete with lids. Each of the candles has a wrap around label displaying the company name and logo as well as the scent names. Each of these candles has been handmade using natural soy wax have the recommended total burn time of 30 hours. 

The first scent that I went for was the Spiced Apple, this one has notes of apples and cinnamon and is the perfect traditional winter scent. It's very comforting and I love the spicy element to it. The next scent I went for was Raspberry Trifle, while this isn't a scent you would strictly burn during colder weather, it is a warm fragrance that I love for cooler weather. This has a sweetness to it that I love mixed with those fruity raspberry notes. And finally, I picked out Holly Berry which is my favourite out of the three. This candle smells like Christmas trees with a tint of berry to it that I just can't get enough of! I have been burning this so much that I have almost finished it. 

I have been pleasantly surprised with the scent throw of these candles as they don't need to be alight for a long time to be able to smell the scent throughout your space. They can easily fill larger spaces and the scent throw isn't at all overwhelming with any of these scents.  They are a great size as you can get an even burn in a short period of time so you never waste any of the wax. These candles retail for £10.95 each and would make great Christmas gifts. 

You can find these candles - HERE


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