J.ONE Jelly Pack Review

I have always heard such incredible things about this product and I can't believe I am only getting around to trying it out now. So many YouTubers adore this product, Nikkie Tutorials included and if it's good enough for Nikkie - I have extremely high hopes! 
J.ONE Jelly Pack Review
J.ONE Jelly Pack Review
The J.ONE Jelly Pack is an extremely hyped up product and is said to be one of the best makeup primers on the market. It retails for around £30 depending on the stockist and comes in a 50ml and 30ml size. This is a bestselling product from the brand and is a Korean beauty staple with multiple benefits for the skin. The Jelly Pack is a multi-purpose anti-ageing mask and primer that will instantly hydrate the skin while priming the complexion before applying makeup. 

It features a unique jelly formula that will melt into the skin to help brighten, plump and prep the skin. It is known as the Korean 'makeup gripper' and is suitable for all skin types. I had heard so many things about the texture of this and it's definitely unique! It feels a little bit like putting glue on your face as you apply it but after a few seconds, that feeling completely disappears. It's also free from parabens, sulphates and phthalates. I really like the packaging, it's simple but I love that it has a pump as it makes it much easier to apply and you don't waste any product. 

I have to say, this is one amazing makeup primer! It does so many things for the skin it's like having multiple products in one. I have been having issues with my skin being slightly drier lately and this not only hydrates but it also smooths the skin for makeup application so any further products don't cling to any dry patches. I hate my pores and this primer makes my skin look flawless and slightly filtered! It's very plumping on the skin and I love how long it makes my makeup last. I don't need to use a setting spray when I use this primer as it keeps my makeup in place until I remove it. It honestly does grip makeup, I apply my makeup before 6am during the week and this primer makes my makeup last until 10pm! 

The J.ONE Jelly Pack is available at Cult Beauty


This pot contains a press sample, all opinions are my own.


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