Christmas Candle Favourites

I'm obsessed with Christmas candles and let's just be honest, I love anything Christmas. But when it comes to candles, I rarely burn anything that isn't a little festive - even in the summer. These are the scents that I have been burning a lot recently, some are new and some are old favourites. 
Christmas Candle Favourites
We always have fake Christmas trees in our house as we put our trees up in mid-November and they would be dead by Christmas otherwise so I always miss that Christmas tree scent. I have tried so many different scents that are said to be like a Christmas tree but nothing compares to Bath & Body Works Fresh Balsam. I adore this scent and it's the third year that I have had it burning and I still can't get enough of it. It's the best Christmas tree scented candle, it doesn't smell at all artificial and it has a lovely freshness to it. Another Christmas tree scented candle that I actually picked up recently is the DW Home Evergreen Forest. If I'm being completely honest, I picked this up mainly for the packaging but luckily I do really like the scent! These little candles are such a steal at £2.99 in Homesense. This is completely different to Fresh Balsam as it has a floral element to it rather than a freshness. 

I have always been a fan of Yankee Candle but if I'm honest, they aren't the strongest candles I have ever tried. I always burn Christmas Eve burning December but I haven't picked it up yet. I love peppermint scents and Candy Cane Forest is another one that I have been picking up for a few years now. It isn't overly sweet but it has such a nice coolness to it. My final favourite from Yankee Candle is Merry Marshmallow, this is a candle that you can't actually buy in the UK anymore so whenever I spot these on eBay I snatch them up. This is a super sweet scent but it isn't at all sickly. If you liked Ghostly Treats, you would love this. 

And my final Christmas candle favourite this year is the Flamingo Candles Ice Queen. I can't stop raving about this candle and if you want a deliciously sweet bubblegum candle that smells almost Identical to Snow Fairy from Lush, you need this! This candle has incredible scent throw and they also have the scent in wax melts for just £1 too. 

What are your favourite Christmas candle scents?



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