My Favourite Christmas Movies 2018

I watch a lot of Christmas movies, no matter what time of year. As soon as September rolls around I always start to feel a little festive. I thought I would share my favourite festive films that I have watched so far this year because I just can't get enough and everybody needs to watch them! 
My Favourite Christmas Movies 2018
The Holiday Calendar

This isn't a super Christmassy movie if you ask me but I really did enjoy it. This one is based around an Advent Calendar that her grandfather gives her and every day it magically opens and predicts what will happen that day. This is a super cute movie and I loved the casting. 

Christmas at Pemberley Manor

I adored this Hallmark Channel movie, I might have to watch it again this week! I love the two main stars of this film and it's based around Elizabeth who's trying to plan a Christmas event at Mr Darcy's residence before it sells it and of course, they fall in love.

The Princess Switch

Netflix is making some of the best Christmas movies ever this year! I was so excited about this one as has The Parent Trap vibes to it and a double romance storyline. This is definitely a cheesy Christmas movie but I love those personally. I bloody love the posh accent Vanessa Hudgen's does in this movie. 

The Christmas Chronicles 

Now, this film is absolutely brilliant! It's definitely more of a family film than the others and it is honestly the best Christmas movie I have watched since The Santa Clause. I love Kurt Russell as Santa Claus and I now want one of the elves. I highly recommend giving this a watch, it isn't at all predictable and I shed a tear at the end.

Christmas in Graceland 

For this being a Hallmark Channel movie, this isn't the most cheesy and romantic one I have watched but I think that's why I liked it so much. This stars Kellie Pickler and I loved her in this. I liked the musical element to this film and as always, it ends with a happy ending. 



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