Umberto Giannini Grow Long Hair Care

I love Umberto Giannini products that this is the brand new range, Grow Long. I have tried a few products like these from different brands in the past and have always had good results so I was excited to test these out! I have been trying them out for the last couple of weeks and have become quite a fan of them.
Umberto Giannini Grow Long Hair Care
The Grow Long range includes five products to have your hair longer and stronger much faster. They have bottled up the most powerful natural ingredients that will help your scalp grow new hair while slowing down the loss of hair and hydrate from within to have it looking healthier as well. As always, these products are vegan and cruelty-free and all feature a delicious coffee essence fragrance. 

The Vegan Root Stimulating Shampoo contains vitamins and minerals from natural sources that will stimulate circulation to the roots for a healthy scalp and longer hair while the Vegan Lengthening Conditioner will provide a protein boost for your hair. It will help strengthen the hair while helping it grow longer without breakage. The Grow Tonic Transforming Treatment is proven to accelerate hair growth and reduce hair loss with caffeine and organic pea sprout extract. The Exfoliating Scalp Scrub will help to remove build-up that can cause a dry scalp to help speed up the renewal of skin cells that is perfect for new hair to grow. The final product in the range is the Hemp, Coconut and Shea Treatment that will help boost hair growth and transform a sluggish scalp and lifeless hair into luscious, strong and longer locks. 

All of these products are available individually but if you do want to purchase the whole range, on the Umberto Giannini website is The Longer Hair Collection where you can get all of the products for a fantastic price of £29 rather than £44! I have been testing out the full range for a few weeks now and I do think that I am starting to see some results but I will update this post if I see any further changes! My hair has been feeling so much stronger since I started using these products, probably stronger than ever! I have noticed that my hair has been growing a little quicker than usual too. My favourite thing I have noticed about my hair since I started using this range is how healthy it looks, it looks as if I have almost no damage at all. 

The Umberto Giannini Grow Long range is available - HERE


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