My Festive Themed Pandora Bracelet

I am the biggest Christmas fan and a few years ago I started a Pandora Christmas charm bracelet. I have a few different Pandora bracelets but this one is my favourite. I do wear it year round whenever I want to feel a little festive and I love adding a new charm every year.
My Festive Themed Pandora Bracelet
My Festive Themed Pandora Bracelet
The bracelet itself is the Moments Silver Bracelet with Rose Gold Clasp. This one, in particular, is a little more expensive than the others as it does have the rose gold element but I do really love it. I have been wearing Pandora jewellery for around ten years now and I've only had one issue in all that time so they are worth the investment. And by having a mixed metals bracelet, I could add some rose gold charms if I wanted to but I do tend to stick to silver as Pandora mainly release silver festive charms.

The charm that started my bracelet off was the Reindeer, I'm so sad that you can't buy this directly from them anymore! It is an all silver charm with a little red nose. Last year, I fell in love with so many of the Christmas charms that it almost completely filled up my bracelet at once! Mrs Claus, Santa's workshop and the snowglobe are some of my favourite charms that Pandora has ever done. The attention to detail is unreal on these. The Festive Tree Charm cost only slightly less than the bracelet did (which is kind of ridiculous) but it has a gold star on top of the tree with coloured gems to be baubles on the tree.

This year, they are a few charms that I would love to add to my bracelet. I love the Warm Cocoa Charm, the Merry Christmas charm (in silver) and the Christmas Teddy Bear Charm. All three of these are around the £30 mark which I don't think is too bad for charms. I've had a couple of my charms for years now and once they start to lose their shine, the Pandora polishing cloth works wonders!


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