A Glossier Starter Kit

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Glossier has become one of my favourite brands, I hope they launch something new soon! I thought I would share my top five products if you have ever tried Glossier and aren't sure where to start. These are almost all skincare products and Glossier really does know how to make great skincare products! 
A Glossier Starter Kit
The Milky Jelly Cleanser is a must! I have gone through so many bottles of this cleanser and they offer it in a travel size so you can try that before picking up the full size if you wanted to. I like to use this as a second step cleanse in the evening or as my morning cleanser. I love the texture of this and it's very gentle on the skin. If you have drier skin, I think you would like this too as it is so comforting as you apply it. I have combination, acne prone skin and I really like this to ensure I have removed all traces of makeup. 

Speaking of having acne-prone skin, I will try anything to banish the breakouts and Solution is brilliant. It's a chemical exfoliator with a combination of AHA, BHA and PHA. I don't use this every single day, I probably use it five nights a week at the moment and it's been working so well for my skin. My acne hasn't been so bad recently so I have been using it to help with scarring and discolouration. I don't find it to be drying on the skin and you will need to make sure that you use an SPF daily if you do pick up this product. You can see my full review with before and after photos - here. 

I'm fussy with facial SPF and Invisible Shield is my go to. It doesn't interfere with how my makeup applies and wears throughout the day and it's clear so you never end up with a white cast! It has an SPF 30 and keeps my skin well protected all year round. It's so important to keep your skin protected against sun damage all year round, not just in the summer. I have gone through so many tubes of Balm Dotcom that I have lost count! This is a multipurpose balm that you can use on skin, cuticles and lips and is available in a few different scent/flavour options. I love the mint and birthday cake flavours the most, the birthday cake one has some glitter in it. These are so hydrating where ever you apply them and I always have one in my makeup bag. 

My final recommendation is Boy Brow. This is hands down the best brow setting gel I have ever used! I have tried the tinted and clear version and I do like the clear version better as I'm between shades of the tinted options and the clear works better for me. It does apply white which seems a little scary when you have really dark brows but it quickly dries clear. It keeps the brow hairs in place all day long and it doesn't leave them feeling crispy or uncomfortable like some brow gels can do. 

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