Gourmet Popcorn from Popcorn Shed

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I love popcorn, especially if it's savoury. I only like sweet flavours if they aren't the traditional 'sweet flavour' you get at the Cinema. These popcorns are my new obsession, they are absolutely delicious and I need to order myself more soon!
Popcorn Shed
Popcorn Shed
Popcorn Shed
Popcorn Shed is a brand that I have only just discovered and they sell a great range of premium style gourmet popcorns. They have incorporated different textures into their popcorns as well as being the first UK brand to have their popcorns packaged in shed style cartons which fits perfectly with the theme of the brand. They've packed all of their products in 100% fully recyclable sourced elements from trees and from sustainable forests. All of their products are made with all natural, high-quality ingredients for their tasty treats. They're gluten-free and they sell their popcorn in a range of sizes.

They sent me two of the sheds and a bunch of smaller bags to try to get a feel for the brand and I already have favourites! Me and my family have been taste testing these since they arrived and I can honestly they that these are the best popcorn snacks I have ever eaten. Popcorn Shed offers some really unique flavours which I never thought I would have liked if I'm honest. The flavours available from Popcorn Shed include:

- Pop N Choc: a double chocolate whammy with an added smooth cocoa-infused caramel base.
- Salted Caramel: a combination of intense sea salted caramel popcorn, topped with Belgian milk chocolate
- Pecan Pie: a nutty, buttery, smooth caramel popcorn with added pecans.
- Berry-Licious:  fruity tart raspberry with smooth and rich dark chocolate.
- Butterly Nuts: rich creamy peanut butter caramel with added peanut halves
- Sweet Cheesus: real cheddar cheese and a sweet caramel combination.
- Say Cheese: a deliciously rich and creamy mature cheddar.

I had always tried to try cheddar popcorn and it did not disappoint! I think Say Cheese might be my new fvaourite flavour. It's absolutely delicious and I need to buy a couple of sheds of this flavour. Another favourite of mine is the Pop n Choc, as I mentioned at the beginning, I'm not a massive sweet person but this is a flavour that I can get on board with. I love the chocolate and caramel combination and it's the perfect sweet treat. 


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