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Smashbox Travel Spotlight Palette

I have wanted this palette ever since its original launch with Casey Holmes but I could never justify buying yet another highlighter. So when I spotted that they had this travel size version and it was on sale, I had to have it! For £10, you just can't beat it.
Smashbox Travel Spotlight Palette
Smashbox Travel Spotlight Palette
Smashbox Travel Spotlight Palette
Smashbox Travel Spotlight Palette
I am a huge Casey Holmes fan so when she launched this palette with Smashbox, I really wanted to pick it up, especially the Pearl colour option. I finally ordered it over Christmas and I'm already obsessed with it. The Travel Spotlight Palette includes three stunning shades inside a small, sleek compact with a mirror inside. If like me, you have far too many highlighters but can't resist buying more, I can't recommend this enough.

This mini size palette features three wearable highlighting powders. This is the pearl colour option and is exactly the same as the full size. You get two shimmer finish highlighting shades, Turn It On Pearl and Crack It Up Pearl and one mega sparkle shade that's called Blow a Fuse Pearl. The pearl palette is definitely suited towards lighter skin tones and the other colour option isn't available in a travel size. In the pan, these shades don't look all that if I'm being perfectly honest but they look absolutely stunning on the skin so don't let that fool you!

These powders are so silky smooth and glide into the skin. I have been using the Real Techniques Setting Brush to apply them and it works brilliantly. They almost melt into the skin and don't look powdery in the slightest. The first shade in the palette, Turn It On Pearl, is a great everyday natural highlight that also brightens the skin. The middle shade, Crack It Up Pearl, is a little too dark for my skin tone at the moment but once I have a little bit of a tan this shade will be perfect. But for now, I have been using this as an eyeshadow and I love it!

The final shade is my favourite which is the Crack It Up Pearl shade. This is the most intense one from the trio and it looks stunning alone or layered over the other shades. It even though it is sparkly, it doesn't leave you looking like a disco ball with glitter on your face. I have been really enjoying the combination of the first and last shade layered together. While I'm used to more intense highlighters like the Jeffree Star Skin Frosts, I do really like this palette and have already got so much use out of it. It's the perfect everyday highlighting palette and because it is so small, it takes up minimal room in my makeup bag.

They're fairly long-lasting on the skin, I would say that it lasts for around eight hours before starting to wear away and needing to be reapplied. I can't recommend this enough for £10! It's available at Debenhams, Boots and directly from Smashbox.

Smashbox is cruelty-free.


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