Spectrum Really Pretty Gift Set Review

I haven't bought new makeup brushes in forever so when I spotted this gorgeous set in the Boots sale, I had to have it! I have tried a few brushes from Spectrum before and loved them so I had high hopes that weren't disappointed!
Spectrum Really Pretty Gift Set Review
Spectrum Really Pretty Gift Set Review  Spectrum Really Pretty Gift Set Review
Spectrum Really Pretty Gift Set Review
This is the Spectrum Mean Girls Really Pretty Gift Set that retailed for £25 during the festive period but is now on sale for £12.50 at Boots and £15 directly from Spectrum themselves. While I do like Mean Girls, I'm not as crazy about it as others are but I just could not resist these pink brushes! If you have been wanting to try out Spectrum, I would run to your Boots store because this is too good of a deal to miss, you can check on the Boots website if your local store has these in stock and so many of my local ones still have them in stock.

Included in this gift set is four stunning, full-size, makeup brushes as well as a high-quality makeup bag. I wasn't as interested in the makeup bag as I was in the brushes but I fell in love with it when I opened the box! It's fantastic quality and feels so well-made. It has the cutest removable keychain of the burn book that I have actually taken off and put on my keys. What I love about this gift set is that it comes with brushes that I will actually use, usually when I buy brush sets there is always one or two that I never use but all four of the brushes are so useful.

The four brushes are really great quality for the price and I love the pink theme! These brushes have pink wooden handles that have the name of the brush on as well as a quote from Mean Girls - I love this little touch! The ferrels of the brushes is a slightly different shade of pink and the brushes themselves are incredibly soft. They are honestly some of the softest brushes I have in my stash!

You get two face brushes and two eye brushes in this gift set. The A01 and the A05 are available to be purchased individually at Boots. The A01 and A05 are the two face brushes in the set and I would have to say that these ones are my favourite. The A01 is a domed shaped powder brush that I have been using for applying translucent powder and it's brilliant for this as it never applies too much. The A05 is a precision blush brush and I adore it! I had been using a slightly larger brush to apply my blush and this brush makes it look so much better. The A07 is a great eyeshadow brush for applying shadows to the lid as you can really pack on colour with it but you can also do some serious blending with it as well. The final brush in the set is the B04 that I like to use to apply matte shadows to the outer corner of my crease.

Spectrum gets extra special points for being a cruelty-free and vegan company.

You can find all of their products - HERE.


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