Three Favourite Podcasts

I'm obsessed with podcasts, I would pick Podcasts over music any day (unless it's Ariana). I thought I would share a few of my current favourite podcasts of the moment and if you are looking for one to make you laugh you need to check these out! I shared a few of my other favourites last year and I still listen to them all, you can check that post out - here
Three Favourite Podcasts
The Joe Rogan Experience is one of my absolutes favourites, mainly because I'm slightly (a lot) in love with him. He's one of my favourite stand up comedians but I can't get enough of this podcast. I usually only listen to the ones which I know who the guests are because they're always so long that they take a while to get through. My favourite guests he's had on his podcast are Mike Tyson, Leah Remini, Elon Musk, Steve-O and Ron Miscavige. 

Chris D'Elia is my weird celebrity crush and again, one of my favourite stand up comedians. His podcast, Congratulations, is one I never miss an episode of. I listen to this when I walk home from work and I always find myself accidentally laughing out loud. It's just him talking, and usually have a rant by himself and it's the only podcast I listen to that is just one person. You might know of Chris from his Eminem impersonation that went viral a while ago. 

I never shut up about my love of Nailed It! on Netflix and one of the main reasons I love it so much is because of Nicole Byer, she is so incredibly funny. So when I found out she had a podcast, I was so excited and binged a few episodes. Why Won't You Date Me? another one you'll find yourself laughing out loud in the street to while you listen. She had Trixie Mattel on recently and one of my favourite episodes is when she had Wes on, you'll know all about him if you wanted Nailed It! 

What are your favourite podcasts?



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