What I Got For My Birthday 2019

I'm officially halfway to 50, I can't believe I'm basically an OAP now. I love doing these posts to look back on and I love reading them so I was excited to share a few of the things I got for my birthday this year. I got some really lovely things from some of my favourite people. 
What I Got For My Birthday 2019
What I Got For My Birthday 2019
If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen a few of my tweets about how much I've been reading. As of writing this post, I have read 37 books this year and I bloody love it. So I got a few books and I'm so excited to get to them! My friend Kiran got me the perfect book in I'm Sorry, I Love You: a History of Professional Wrestling. I love wrestling, I apologise for all my angry wrestling tweets, and I can't wait to read this, I don't actually know a tonne on the history of it as I only got into it a few years ago. My auntie got me the full After series by Anna Todd in paperback and I've heard great things about this series. The DIMILY series is one of my favourites and everybody that loves that series loves After. The final reading related thing I got for my birthday was a new Kindle. Mine was about 75 years old and in need of an upgrade and I'm obsessed with it, even though I'm not quite used to the touch screen yet and have accidentally ordered a few books. 

I didn't get too many beauty items this year as I'm quite fussy but Lily over at Pint Sized Beauty got me the Milk Makeup KUSH Mascara and I already know I love this. I had a sample of this and fell in love with it so I'm so happy to have a full size on hand now. My mum got me a few of the Soap and Glory hair products and I'm in love with them! I'll have a review up on these in a couple of weeks. I don't often buy products from Lush anymore as there isn't one close to me so I was so excited to open a few bath bombs and bubble bars! I got a few from the Valentine's Day and Easter collections. Besides beauty products and books, I'm obsessed with candles. I got a few of the Scentsational Wax Melts (you can get them in ASDA and they're incredible) and a deliciously scented DW Home candle. 

I don't own any DVDs (Netflix forever) but Crazy Rich Asians is one of the best films I have watched in years so I was so happy to get this! It's such a great rom-com if you haven't watched it already. I'm obsessed with Rae Dunn so I got a few bits for my birthday including notebooks and pens and a cute little sugar jar which is currently sitting on my desk with my jelly beans in. 

The best friend Chelsea got me such a gorgeous gift this year (and the best card on Earth). She got me an 'H' full of pink, white and purple roses and it's stunning! I have never had anything like this before. The last couple of bits I got this year were Funko Pops, I have always loved them but I only had Nikki Bella until the other day! I got two versions of Ariel, she's my favourite Disney princess and three royals. My mum got me The Queen, Prince Charles and Prince Harry and I'll definitely be picking up the other royals soon. 



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