Kit Stars Vegan Face Brush Kit Review

- post contains gifted items - 

I love trying out new makeup brushes and I had been in need of some new ones so these couldn't have arrived at a better time! Kit Stars is a brand that I hadn't tried of before but I have been so impressed with these brushes that I'm definitely going to be ordering some myself very soon. 
Kit Stars Vegan Face Brush Kit Review
Kit Stars Vegan Face Brush Kit Review
Kit Stars offer both natural/synthetic blend brushes as well as pure vegan hair brushes to support all lifestyle choices. I prefer vegan brushes so I decided to try out those and I couldn't be any more impressed. Almost all of the brushes in my collection are now vegan and these are some of the best ones I have tried. One of the things I love most about the Kit Stars brand is that they offer luxury quality brushes at an affordable price. 

I have been testing out the Vegan Face Brush Kit (£37) which includes five brushes. You get four face brushes as well as lip brush in this set and all of the brushes come individually wrapped in a box, I love the presentation! All of the brushes feature wooden handles coated with multiple layers of black glossy lacquer which will ensure that the brushes stay looking the best for the future. The ferrules of the brushes are made with solid copper with layered gold plate. This is important as both of these are extremely strong materials and provides a weighted balance for each brush. They feel extremely durable and I love the detailing on the ferrels. Each of the brushes has the name of the brush on the handle as well. 

I have far too many makeup brushes in my collection and these are seriously soft. I couldn't believe how soft they are, they're softer than all of the brushes I was using previously! In this kit, you get the S1 Powder Brush, S2 Powder, Veil, S3 Blush, S4 Base Polisher and the S40 Easy Lip. This is one of those kits that each brush is useful and you don't end up with that odd one that nobody ever needs. My favourite brushes are the S1 Powder Brush and the S2 Shaping Veil. The S1 is what I have been using to apply my loose powder to set my foundation and the S2 is the perfect brush to apply powder under the eyes and around the nose. 



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