Lifestyle Favourites #3

I thought it was time again to share a couple of my random favourites! In the last couple of weeks and I fell back in love with reality TV and if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know as I haven't shut up about a certain programme. I would love to know your lifestyle favourites as well.
Lifestyle Favourites #3
I have mentioned a couple of times that this year has been insane when it comes to reading. In the last two years, my reading has really gone up a level or two and I can't stop reading. I have completely fallen in love with books all over again and I have almost read 90 books so far in 2019. When my Kindle Unlimited subscription ended, I decided to rejoin to the library and I'm so glad I did! They offer ebooks through the BorrowBox app for free! You can have 7 ebooks and 7 audiobooks out at once and you can access them on so many different devices, I mainly read/listen on my iPhone or on my Kindle Fire. They offer a fantastic selection and I'm currently reading Recovery by Russell Brand and Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan. 

I haven't read as many books this past month as I have in the last few because of Hayu. Hayu is the reality TV version of Netflix and I love that they have same day airings on many shows. I used to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills years ago and decided to start watching it again from season 8 and I am HOOKED. I'm a little (a lot) in love with Erika Jayne and I want to be her when I grow up. This show is absolutely ridiculous in terms of the drama, the puppy gate is real, and I look forward to a new episode every Wednesday morning. 

I used to buy eyeshadow palettes like no tomorrow, now I buy Funko Pops! I can't get enough of them and my latest purchase is Charlotte Flair. It's no secret that I love WWE so when I saw Charlotte Flair, I knew I had to have her. The attention to detail on hers is incredible. I had been wanting to get a Funko keychain for a while and I couldn't resist the Belle Celebration Keychain for £1 on Toys for a Pound! She's so cute that I had to have two. 

My final lifestyle favourite at the moment are the Yankee Candle Bahama Breeze Wax Melts. This is my all-time favourite scent and it makes me so sad that it's retired in the UK. I always buy these up when I spot them on Facebook and eBay and I finally managed to track some down and the scent is heavenly! It's a tropical fruity scent that I can't get enough of. 



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