Novexpert Anti-Aging Fluid Review

- this post contains a gifted product - 

I have been all about anti-ageing skin care products in the last couple of months as I have hit 25 and I am determined to keep my skin looking as good as possible as I start to see it change. When this product arrived, I was really intrigued as it claims to product benefits within a few days! 
Novexpert Anti-Aging Fluid Review
The Novexpert Anti-Aging Fluid is an intensive anti-ageing and rejuvenating product. It has been designed for those with normal to combination skin for those in multiple climates. It contains a number of skin-benefiting ingredients such as fragmented hyaluronic acid, evening primrose oil, aloe vera gel and Vitamin E complex. 

You can use this product in your morning and evening skincare routines and if you will be applying it before makeup application, it's recommended that you wait for five minutes for it to sink into the skin. I personally like to use this in my morning routine exclusively. It's recommended that you apply it to the skin using upward circular strokes and in small dabs. 

It's said that within two shades, you will have supple skin with a velvety soft texture and the skin will be much more hydrated. Within seven days, you will experience a radiant complexion and corrective benefits and within 28 days your skin will be smoother thanks to a concentration of exceptionally high-performance anti-ageing ingredients that will target DNA and collagen for in-depth skin regeneration. 

My skin has been loving this and I have been using it for a little over a month now. My skin has been looking much healthier, brighter and feeling softer since I started using it in my morning routine. I have also noticed that any patches of redness that I had have calmed down which I am a huge fan of as they are something I have been trying to banish for a while now. It has been keeping my skin well hydrated and I do find that it works well with my makeup as long as I leave it a few minutes before applying any base products. 

The Novexpert Anti-Aging Fluid is available - HERE



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