Skinny Tan Wonder Serum Review

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I have been loving tanning products lately, all thanks to Skinny Tan! I have used tanning mousses exclusively for years until I tried out this serum and I was surprised at how much I liked it. This product is new and exclusive to Boots and is currently on offer too!
Skinny Tan Wonder Serum Review
The Skinny Tan Wonder Serum (£29.99) is a brand new product that combines the best self-tanning technically with anti-ageing, anti-oxidant and hydrating skincare ingredients all in one product! It's a lightweight serum that is said to apply smoothly to the skin for an instant silky finish that will develop to a flawless, lasting medium tan within 6-8 hours. This product is made up of 96% of natural ingredients will being vegan and cruelty-free. It's also free from parabens and sulphates. 

As I have only really used mousse fake tans, I was a little scared that I would end up with a streaky tan by using this but that wasn't the case at all! As this serum has a very dark base colour that makes it easier to apply so you can see if you have missed any areas as you blend it into the skin. It has a very hydrating formula which I'm thankful for as my skin has been quite dry recently so every little helps. To apply, I always make sure the skin is well exfoliated before application and apply my tan with a mitt. The Skinny Tan Dual Tanning Mitts are my favourite ones to use. 

I loved the way this developed on the skin and I would definitely say that this provides a much more natural looking tan than with many of my mousse based ones. It was definitely much easier than I was expecting it to apply and it gives you a little time to blend before it drys down. It's quite long-lasting too, I would say that it lasted around a week on my skin which I was quite impressed with! If you have been wanting a new fake tan formula to try, definitely check this out next time you're in Boots, it's currently a third off! 



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