LMNT Kesha Sunglasses Review

- post contains a gifted item - 

I had been in need of a new pair of sunglasses as I seem to have lost every other pair that I own! Smart Buy Sunglasses has such a great selection to choose from with so many incredible brands on the site as well. These ones, in particular, are a more affordable option and I'm obsessed with them. 
LMNT Kesha Sunglasses Review
LMNT Kesha Sunglasses Review
All of the LMNT sunglasses are priced at £26 at the moment which is such a great price for the quality! Each of the current styles is on trend and I decided to go for the Kesha style as they seemed the most timeless and I'm so glad that I picked them! I hadn't actually had any sunglasses of this style frame before and I love how they look. If this style isn't for you, they have quite a few different ones to choose from, I love the look of the Lan sunglasses - I might have to order those soon! 

The Kesha Sunglasses are a mainly black frame with gold accents around the nose and on the bottom half of the frames. I was expecting this style of sunglasses to be on the smaller side but they are actually the perfect fit for my big head! The arms of the glasses are one of my favourite things about them as they are sleek and thin and are completely black. The lenses have a darker tint which I love but they do offer these glasses in another tint. 

These are extremely comfortable to wear and I usually find most sunglasses to be a little comfortable so that's a big win! I can't believe how high quality these are, they feel very durable and well made. They also come with a flexible case so you don't have to worry about them getting scratched out and about. Smart Buy Sunglasses offers free delivery on all orders, 100 day free returns as well as a 24-month warranty.



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