Cruelty Free & Vegan Custom Palettes from Tropic

- this post contains a gifted item -

It's no secret how much of a fan I am of the Tropic brand and when I saw they were launching custom palettes, I was basically jumping up and down with excitement. It can be so difficult to find good vegan and cruelty-free products and Tropic is always a brand that I trust and I love this concept!
Tropic Colour Palette Review
Tropic Colour Palette Review
Tropic Colour Palette Review
What I love most about the Colour Palette from Tropic is that it is completely customisable, even after you have purchased your palette. I have never used every single shade in any of my pre-made palettes so custom palettes are always very appealing to me. In creating your palette, the first step is to choose which configuration you want, meaning what size pans you would like in your palette. I decided on C that is made up of one large, two medium and two small pans. 

Tropic offers a tonne of different products in both cream and powder formulas and different pan sizes for a few of the products. For my two small pans, I went for the eyes on You Pressed Shadows in Oatmeal and Copper. For the medium pans, I went for one of the Blush Crush Pressed Colours in Golden Apricot and a Way to Glow Pressed Highlighter in Spring Lily. For my large pan, I picked out the Jet Set Pressed Bronzer in Bali Bronze. As you can see, I have a type! I love warm-toned shades as I find that they work best for my hair colour and complexion and I love a good powdered formula. Tropic also offers wax liners, brow pomades, cream concealers, a setting powder as well. 

I love how everything is all in one palette and I have been getting so much use out of it already! You can have a maximum of seven products in your palette, depending on your pan sizes and I love the design of the palette. It has a huge mirror inside that is great for applying on the go and the shape is different than anything I have seen before and I love how sleek it is. All of the shades have great pigmentation and apply smoothly to the face and eyes and never look patchy. 

The eyeshadows have a gorgeous satin finish and are so easy to blend. The highlighter is much more natural than what I would usually for but I love how brightening it is on the cheekbones. The blush and bronzer shades I picked out work so well together and are the perfect shades for my light skin tone. They are all long-lasting on the skin and even though they are powders, they don't look powdery on the skin. I can't wait to order a few other shades so I can switch them out and make different palette combinations soon. 

Let's talk pricing, everything is available separately from the palette, the actual products and the palette trays to make the products magnetic in the palette. But it is the best deal to create a complete palette as you will get your case and trays (worth £16) for free. The small pans retail for £8 each, the medium pans are £16 and the large pans for £20. The total price of my palette was £68 which is pricey but once you finish with one of your products, you can purchase a refill rather than a whole new palette so it is an investment. 

The Tropic Colour Palette is available - HERE



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