My Top Five R.S Grey Books

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I am obsessed with romantic comedies, I could watch and read them all day long. R.S Grey is the queen of rom-com books and I just can't get enough of her writing. I have read all but three of her books now and I have adored them so much. She is hands down my favourite author so I thought I would share five of my favourite books so you can experience her rom-com magic for yourself!
My Top Five R.S Grey Books
Arrogant Devil

This book was so funny and has a slow building romance that I loved. This book follows Jack and Meredith and I will be honest here, Jack is a bit of a dick. Meredith shows up on the doorstep of Jack's ranch looking for a job and a place to stay via her sister and Jack thinks she's a spoiled little princess. Meredeth has a no-quit attitude that I loved and as you turn the pages into their romance I couldn't put the book down. There's also a dog in this book which adds to the cuteness of it all. 

I had read two or three R.S Grey books before this one and while I loved those, this book got me addicted to all things R.S Grey. In this one, it follows Dr Russell who has a bad reputation around the hospital that he's cold-hearted and the nurses say that he is far too cocky. Bailey has custody of her teenage sister after both of her parents were killed and I loved their relationship throughout this book. Bailey is a surgical assistant and she ends up working with Dr Russell after her fantastic boss retires. Their relationship starts off rough but I loved how it grew throughout the book and I binged this in one sitting! 

This is an office place romance which is something I love to read. Cameron Heart has landed an interview at a prestigious firm because the owner, Grayson Cole is her older sister's friend. She ends up getting the job and you can imagine what happens from there! Cameron has always liked Grayson so when she gets the job, she makes it her mission to seduce him. Grayson wasn't easy to break down but it was so fun to read. 

A fan of sports romances? You'll love this one! Kinsley is a 19-year-old football player and Wilder ends up becoming her coach who is strictly off limits. I loved their romance but some of the girls on her team needed a good slap! This is a college-age romance so it is slightly different than the other four books mentioned in this post.  This was such a quick and easy read. 

When I went into this book, I wasn't expecting it to be something that I would like for some reason but I loved it! This takes place at Twin Oaks Country Club following James and Brooke, James lives the life of luxury while Brooke works at the country club, I am all for a rich man romance. This book gave me all of the feels during their time apart while Brooke was off working aboard but the ending was worth it. 

I found it hard to stick to only five favourites because all but one of her books I have given five stars. All of her books are around £3 each on Kindle as well as being available on Kindle Unlimited. Rachel has a new book coming out at the beginning of June called Coldhearted Boss and I honestly cannot wait to read it.



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