MUA Brow Define Micro Eyebrow Pencil Review

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I had been using the same three or four brow products for the longest time and I loved them so much that I wasn't that interested in trying anything else. Then these micro brow pencils arrived and I became obsessed! I can't believe how good these are and how affordable they are, I will definitely be repurchasing! 
MUA Brow Define Micro Eyebrow Pencil Review
The MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencils retail for £2.50 each and are available in six shades. The two shades that I have are slightly too light for my brows for how I like my brows so I will definitely be getting a darker shade. Inside the sleek, long tube is a micro tiny brow pencil in your selected shade with a spooly on the other end to make sure that product is evenly distributed and blended. This pencil has been designed to be used to create sharp lines and shape for the brows. 

The pencil itself is easy to apply and doesn't drag against the skin, it is quite creamy, unlike a traditional pencil style product. I love how small it is because you can be so precise with the application and I never have to worry about making my brows too big from the bigging. You can definitely apply use this pencil for a natural brow if you wanted to by pressing lighter or for a more intense brow you can apply slightly more pressure as you apply it. 

My favourite use of this brow pencil is to use it to create a new arch and extend the brows, my natural brows are almost non-existent. Once applied, it's extremely long-lasting which I was so impressed with! I used to spend around £15 on a brow pencil and never again! 

The MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencil retails for £2.50 at Superdrug - HERE



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