What to Try From Too Cool For School

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I have been dying to try Too Cool for School products for years and I was so excited to see that they are finally being stocked at Boots now! Boots are going to be taking all of my money come payday as they stock so many of my favourite brands now and I just can't pass up those points.
Too Cool For School
Too Cool For School
Too Cool For School
Too Cool For School
Too Cool for School is an extremely popular Korean beauty brand with one of their most popular products selling once every 12 seconds in the US and globally. I have four products to talk about today and I have been loving them! I can't wait to get my hands on some more products soon. If you want to try the brand for yourself, not only are they stocked at Boots but they are also available from Cult Beauty, Look Fantastic and Feel Unique. I love the overall theme of this brand and the packaging is super cute and different than many other brands on the high street.

I had just run out of my morning cleanser so the Egg Mousse Soap (£18.50) couldn't have arrived at a better time. This is a whipped super lightweight cleanser that has been infused with egg, milk proteins and amino acids to gently hydrate, purify and replenish the skin. Even though it's gentle on the skin, it still deeply cleanses and because it's more of a foam texture, I thought it would be a little drying but it was the opposite! I have been using this in my morning skincare routine and my skin always feels lovely after use. It feels soft and smooth, cleansed but not stripped.

Another skin care product I have Egg Cream Firming Mask (£6.50). This sheet mask has been designed for those with dull skin and has been infused with collagen and egg extracts to firm and plump your complexion. It features high concentrations of active ingredients to support elasticity and will leave the skin hydrated, firmed and nourished in just 20 minutes! This mask is one of the few that is big enough to actually fit my whole face and sticks to the skin well so I don't have to worry about sitting still while I use it. It left my skin looking brighter and feeling a little more plumped than it was before. I will definitely be getting a few more of these soon.

I also received another sheet mask in the Pumpkin 24k Gold Mask (£8.50) and I can't wait to use this soon. It's perfect for those with tired, stressed-out skin and the mask actually does contain 24ct gold! It also contains pumpkin extracts that will soothe and revitalise the skin. It's packed full of fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids to increase cell turnover and brighten and smooth the skin. It will also help to reduce redness and reduce signs of ageing. This mask will leave your skin improved and feeling soft in just 10-20 minutes.

The final product I have been testing is the Egg Mellow Body Butter (£29.50). This body butter isn't heavy on the skin and sinks into the skin in a flash. It contains seven different moisturising oils from sesame oil and sweet almond oil to jojoba seed oil and apricot kernel oil. It will help to create a protective barrier on the skin for lasting moisture retention. It contains a blend of egg yolk extract and egg white extract as well as shea butter to nourish and hydrate. I have been loving using this on my legs to get them summer ready. It has a lovely scent and it doesn't leave you feeling greasy or oily. It provides long-lasting hydration benefits for the skin and it's one of the few body butters that I actually like!



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