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Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner Review

- post contains a gifted item - 

I am obsessed with planners, I couldn't be without one and I have been using one consistently for the last 12 months now. I can't function without having everything written down in front of me and apps have never worked for me. This new planner arrived recently and I have been really enjoying it.
Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner Review
Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner Review
Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner Review
Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner Review
The Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner retails for £20.95 which is a standard price for planners on the market, the planner I have been using in the last year actually most around £30. The planner is currently available on preorder and will be delivered in July so there isn't too long of a wait. I believe it will be available in a few different colours, black, grey and pink. I have the pink and it's a gorgeous lighter shade, it's almost Glossier pink. 

The planner itself has a PU faux leather softback cover, it's fairly durable if you wanted to keep this in your bag for on the go but this colour might get a little dirty. It's a great size, it's not too small that I had trouble writing in it as I have quite large handwriting. It has 256 pages with 6 months worth of planning. The paper is good quality and I haven't had any issues with my pen showing through on the other side so far. It has 2 ribbon dividers as well as a document wallet to keep any receipts or pieces of paper that you might need. 

This is a fantastic all in one planner that has so much more than what I had been using. You have daily, weekly and monthly views which I really appreciate as I will use different sections to plan different things. I always use my monthly pages to plan blog posts for the month and then my weekly and daily pages will be more to-do list based and important dates that I don't want to forget. It's also undated which I like as you can start using it at any time and you don't have to worry about missing a week. You can use it as a five-day planner or seven days which is great as I usually don't plan too much on the weekends so you don't waste any pages. 

My favourite thing about this planner is the gratitude elements to it, it gives you pages to write down your daily gratitudes and affirmations which I have been getting into recently, thanks to Peter Monn. It also gives you a small section to write down a daily reflection and an inspiring quote, if you need one to get you started my favourite quote (again, thanks to Peter Monn) is 'have a great day unless you have other plans'. 

I really love this planner and it feels well made. It would make such a great gift too as everybody needs help with being more organised! 



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