OPI Nail Envy - Soft & Thin Review

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If you read any of my nail polish reviews, you will have probably read countless times me mentioning how terrible my natural nails are. They have never been in great condition ever since I would wear acrylics when I was a teenager and this product has been life-saving! 
OPI Nail Envy - Soft & Thin Review
OPI Nail Envy - Soft & Thin Review
OPI has been one of my favourite nail polish brands ever since I can remember. I have always adored their polishes and their formulas have always worked so well with my nails as they don't chip instantly like Essie or Butter London polishes tend to do with my nails. As I have always loved their polishes, I was recommended Nail Envy years ago, I featured a different version of this product back in 2013 - my first year of blogging! Nail Envy has been a long time favourite of mine but I always forget to talk about it. 

I have tried the original Nail Envy and I used it religiously for years but I made the switch a couple of years back to the Soft & Thin Nail Envy and it has been fantastic. It's a product I always recommend when someone mentions having terrible nails. I have never had strong nails and they would never grow past a certain length without breaking but a few years ago I noticed that my nails got weirdly soft, even more flexible than before and would flake off in chunks. 

Nail Envy - Soft & Thin is really easy to use, to start your application you need to apply two coats to bare nails and then apply one coat every other day to maintain the treatment. You can use it over nail polish too which I love. I always notice instantly that my nails feel better and stronger and I try to keep up the maintenance as much as possible but I do forget every now and again and I still see amazing results. OPI does offer Nail Envy in a few polish shades as well as a clear matte finish polish. 

The Soft & Thin formula has been designed for those with soft and thin nails and will fortify the nails with extra calcium and sea minerals. Nail Envy is the ultimate nail strengthener and is the best one I have ever tried! It has been made with hydrolysed wheat protein as well to help nails grow longer, harder and stronger. My nails are always in the best condition when I use this. From the first application, my nails with feel so much stronger and I can do things without having to worry about my nails bending. My nails are currently the longest they have been in over a year and I forget how much I like long nails. I never have to worry about them breaking anymore as it rarely happens unless I have an accident. Having thin nails makes them quite sensitive so I like to apply this regularly has it helps with any discomfort. 

OPI Nail Envy - Soft & Thin retails for £18.50 - HERE



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